Should You Allow Your Employees to Bring Their Own Devices?

‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) refers to the increasingly common practice of employees bringing their own smartphones, laptops, and tablets into the working environment in order to conduct business on them. It’s becoming more and more popular, but many business owners don’t know whether allowing it would help or harm their business. Here’s a quick list of advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of BYOD

Perhaps the most persuasive argument in favour of BYOD is that fighting the practice might be rather futile. The growth in cloud-based applications has led to a working environment in which portable devices are more necessary than ever, and many workers simply bring their own devices without permission.

However, there are more compelling benefits. Workers using their own devices tend to be happier and more productive since they are used to the technology and operating system. They will also be more likely to complete projects at home if they have everything necessary with them. Adopting a BYOD policy will also save you money, as there is no need to buy computers and other devices yourself.

The Disadvantages of BYOD

The most significant problem with BYOD is that you’ll essentially be relinquishing control over the devices themselves. In this situation, security becomes a major concern. All devices need to be adequately protected against malicious programs, and some personal devices will lack the appropriate technology or software. Employees may not use passwords, and could access compromising websites if the device is also the one they use while at home.

Additionally, it will be harder to update all devices since they may not run the same software. This can make something as simple as file sharing trickier than ever, although these are problems which are becoming less prevalent.

There are clearly some good reasons to hold back from adopting a BYOD policy, particularly for those businesses which regularly handle sensitive data. However, the trend is growing significantly, so it might be question of a ‘when?’ rather than ‘if?’ Should you be considering BYOD, the best option is to talk to an experienced IT support company. They’ll take your particular situation into account, then provide knowledgeable, impartial advice.


4 Ways to Create a Strong, Memorable Password

Choosing a strong password is always a good idea. However, this often becomes problematic when people come up with a tricky password and then quickly forget it. Follow these tips to make sure yours is both hard to hack and easy to remember.

  1. Turn a Sentence into a Password

One of the most popular ways of coming up with a strong password is by thinking of a memorable sentence and then turning it into an acronym. For example, ‘I hope that I see a tiger at the zoo today’ becomes ‘ihtisatatzt.

The password itself is not something which could be easily cracked, and yet the sentence is easy to remember. You can even suit the sentence to the website in question since the actual words you pick only contribute one letter each.

  1. Add Quirky Characters

You’ve probably noticed that most passwords must now include a variety of characters, with a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols often being demanded. This is because hackers can crack passwords by using different combinations. Using a stranger symbol – such as &*@ – within your password essentially throws a curve ball which makes it harder for a hacker to get the right code.

Using the example given above, you could turn ‘I hope that I see a tiger at the zoo today’ into ‘ihtisat@tzt’. You’ll have made your password harder to hack with just a simple alteration.

  1. Avoid Dictionary Words

If you don’t want to use the acronym method, just be sure that you don’t use dictionary words. There might be a vast number of words which make up the English language, but a hacking program can try each one of them out in a mind-bogglingly short amount of time.

First off, try to string several words together at once. Secondly, try and use a memorable misspelling in order to give your password a unique, unpredictable angle.

  1. Use Something Close at Hand

It should go without saying that almost every attempt to infiltrate your system will now occur remotely. This doesn’t mean leaving a list of passwords blu-tacked to the wall, but you can use something close at hand to find an effective password.

One of the best methods is using the ISBN code from a favourite book. If you work from home you’ll have that volume right there in front of you, so you won’t be in danger of losing it.


Adding Special Effects with the Movavi Video Editor

If you’re looking to jazz up your videos and give them a unique and distinct appearance or flavor then there is no better way to do so than by adding special effects. When most people hear ‘special effects’ they immediately think that it is way too complicated and it may surprise you to know that with the Movavi Video Editor you can choose and insert over 50 special effects and filters with ease.

All of the special effects that you need are conveniently located under the ‘Effects’ menu. Some of these are tools that can enhance the quality of the video by correcting its colors, sharpening it, or adjusting other properties – while others are transformation tools to crop, rotate, distort, or create effects such as split-screen or picture in picture.

Yet others are video effects that will allow you to complete alter the appearance and style of your video. Some of these include filters such as sepia or ‘old movie’ or even more advanced special effects such as ‘Chroma Key’ that is more commonly known as ‘green screen’ and will allow you to completely change the video background.

Regardless of what type of effect you want to apply, the process for doing so is extremely straightforward: Just add the video to the Movavi Video Editor and drag it into the ‘Timeline’ then open the ‘Effects’ panel and choose the effect that you want to add. If you want to preview it, just right-click and hit ‘Play’ or if you’d like to tweak the settings then click ‘Show settings’ and do so. To apply the effect click ‘Apply’ or drag and drop the effect onto the video in the ‘Timeline’.

It is worth noting that if you want you can add multiple effects to your video to improve and enhance it in various ways. Also, you should take advantage of the other features that the Movavi Video Editor brings to the table and consider adding background music, text for captions and subtitles, as well as trimming any unnecessary segments from your video.

By experimenting and trying out different combinations of special effects, you could really stylize your video in an extremely creative fashion. Go ahead and try it out for yourself to get a glimpse of the possibilities that the Movavi Video Editor will help you to unlock should you decide to add special effects to your videos.

6 Ways to Save Money on New Technology

6 Ways to Save Money on New Technology

Having the latest and greatest in tech is a goal that most people strive for on a regular basis. However, it always seems like there is something better or newer that people need to have in order to make the most of their tech time.

Staying up with the latest in technology can be a little bit out of the average person’s budget. To always have the best gadgets while still staying within a budget, people will need to use some tricks to find the best deals. Here are six ways to save money on new technology.

Bundle up on services

Apart from the upfront costs of each piece of technology, a lot of people will realize quickly that the additional services needed to power these devices can add up quickly over the course of each month. It is a good idea, then, to try to bundle services to save money on the tools needed to power each device. People can ask, ‘how much is direct TV internet bundle,’ to always get the best price.

Be careful when paying for extras

Each tech item will have a lot of extras and additions that will be sold with it in order to make it function differently or better. Some of these additions might be necessary to a lot of people, but most people will decide quickly that these extras have little to no additional value. Think twice before adding on to the cost of a new tech item.

Upgrade old devices before buying new

When something goes wrong with a device or a person sees that there is a new and better option available, it can be very tempting to rush out and buy the newest device. It is most beneficial for those who want to save money to try to upgrade the device they have before investing in a new one. Try updating the software or adding a new program to make the old tech like new again.

Get alerts for the best deals

Most tech retail stores or online sites will allow customers to sign up for alerts that can tell them when there are sales or promotions happening. Additionally, people can use Google alerts to learn when the latest tech is coming out and how they can get the best deal on those items.

Determine the true value of each gadget

It is easy to think that every new piece of technology will have a lot of use and value for a person when it first comes onto the market. However, this is not always the case. People need to think about how much value they will get from each technology investment on a daily basis to determine if it is really a smart buy.

Get reimbursement

Getting money back is always a good thing for people on a budget. There are a lot of rebate programs and technology reimbursement options that everyone can look into to take a little of the burden off of themselves when investing in new tech.

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Top websites and apps for sports fans

If you own a smart phone or a mobile device, chances are you have a collection of your favourite games and sports apps on it to fill up the gaps that everyday life provides. Large sports organisations like the Premier League clubs are global brands with a fan base spread across five continents. This large and diverse fan base is big revenue stream for the organisation – just think about all the kids and grownups buying their club merchandise. In return, the fans have a universal desire to connect with the action and with the players at the clubs.

Technology and the internet play a big role in connecting a sport team to its fans. Team apps provide live streaming on match days and have forums where the fans can discuss how the season is going. Club managements often use these forums for releasing teasers on upcoming events and announcements. If you are statistically inclined, the apps provide a treasure trove of statistics on the club and its players, both past and present.

Both players and clubs use technology platforms such as news feeds and social media to touch base with their fans. However, these are but initial stepping-stones in the fast evolving synergy between technology and sports.

Cutting edge technologies such as business intelligence, big data and predictive analysis allow for live analysis of plays during the game. Innovations like the ‘Hot Spot’ and ‘Hawk Eye’ in cricket predict the path of the ball after it has struck the batsman while reviewing leg before wicket decisions, or while checking if the batsman got a faint edge while trying to play a shot.

While these technologies are still in their nascency, there seems to be universal acceptance that the next ‘big thing’ in the sports technology domain is information. The rich possibilities afforded by of the process of collection, collation, analysis and dissemination has both the sports teams and its fans energized.

This symbiotic relationship between sports and technology is something Max Mosley understands instinctively. As a long time president of the FIA, the governing body of F1, as well as a former co-owner of a racing car manufacturer and as a racing driver himself, Max Mosley has meshed technology with sports for over 40 years. He leveraged technology for safer driving by championing the Euro NCAP, thereby forcing manufacturers to improve the overall safety levels in all modern cars. Looking up Max Mosley on IMDB is an opportunity to read up on his views on technology and how it meshes with a sport that remains his passion.

While technology creates a plethora of touch points between a team and its fans, its impact on the sport can be less than desirable as well. Recently, a swimming championship at Rome saw swimmers suited in technology driven suits that improved the swimmers buoyancy. The authorities saw this as an unfair advantage and something that would dilute both the heritage of the sport and marginalize its past record holders.

Nonetheless, technology and the vast amounts of information it can bring to fans is a boon to the industry. All the statistics and direct access to players and their favorite team keeps the fans connected and engaged, heightening the excitement of it all.



Technology has made it easier for business to grow. Online stores, better communications and access to more investors have helped emerging economies build up economic activity to higher levels than ever before. Continuously improving technologies streamline the business and investment process. Here are some of the most important ways in which investment companies and investors are using technology:

Faster communication

In the past, companies were forced to rely on very slow methods of communication. Telegrams, letters and even phone communications could be costly and inefficient. Now companies can communicate through live chats, video calls and email. Messages are delivered with seconds of us hitting the send button. This can help to conclude business transactions very quickly, with better understanding by both investor and the investment company.

Better quality of communication across many different backgrounds

It can be hard to remember all the important details of every communication. Fortunately, modern email systems, text messages, scanners, and electronic documents make it easy to file important documents and communications. With search functions it is possible to find exact key words, so that less time is spent wading through communications to find one specific piece of information. This also makes it easy to review investor records and refresh memories, so the client receives outstanding service quickly and easily. M1 Group uses improved communications to offer investment opportunities to people on an international level. This has allowed investors to take advantage of the huge growth in emerging markets.

Accessibility from anywhere

Cloud storage and secure encrypted databases have made it possible for company employees to access records from almost anywhere. This makes it easier for companies to operate on an international level. The ability for companies to have informative websites makes it easier for potential investors to do research so that they are familiar with what the firm can offer them, before meeting.

Better employee recruitment

You don’t want to invest your money with just anyone; you deserve the best service possible. Better internet access has made it possible for investment companies to hire people all over the world. This means that investment firms such as M1 Group can choose from the best job candidates, rather than being limited to just those who are local. Sites such as LinkedIn help them attract the best investment professionals to help you create a diverse portfolio of great potential. An investment firm with a proven international record of success, like M1, can help make investing in your future hassle-free.

Up to date information

Investment firms and investors can keep up to date on the latest in the investment world. This is important because firms can keep track of trends and make good investment choices. Being able to predict market fluctuations and consumer sentiment is a valuable tool to have. In the past, it was very difficult to keep track of investment potential on an international level. By the time an opportunity was recognized, it could be too late to invest for the greatest possible return.

Why Everyone Should Install a Home Theater

Why Everyone Should Install a Home Theater

There are a lot of different tech home improvements that people can make to their homes today. There is always debate about which home improvements are best, but today it is beginning to seem clearer on what home improvements are worth the money and which ones will simply be a waste of time.

One of the most popular tech home improvements today is installing a home theater system. This is a very beneficial addition to any home for a number of reasons. Additionally, everyone can find a way to incorporate a home theater into their space. Here are some reasons why everyone should install a home theater.

It drastically improves every TV viewing experience

The main reason that anyone would want a home theater is to of course make every time they watch TV that much better. No one in the family will be able to watch a TV show or movie the same way again. Everyone can gear up their room with the latest gadgets and great service from http://www.directspecials.com/directv/florida/ to always have the best TV viewing experience.

It increases the value of the home

The second most common reason why people might want to install a home theater is to increase the value of their home. This is a great addition to raise the price and a popular addition to a lot of the new homes being built today. Even if they space is gutted after a person sells the home, buyers will still love the opportunity they have with the space.

It will impress guests

There are few things that can make guests really remember a home. Every home owner wants to have an area that will wow everyone who walks through the door. A home theater can be the perfect solution. Everyone will want to come over time and time again to watch TV in the space.

It can be done without a lot of cords

One common deterrent that people have from installing an elaborate home theater system is the vast amount of cords that usually comes with it. Luckily, there are a lot of wireless options today for home theater equipment that everyone can use to eliminate this issue. This allows home owners to have a clean and cord-free area to relax in.

It can be done on a tight budget

It is common for people to not want to spend a lot of money on any home improvement. Additionally, most people do not have the financial ability to have an unlimited budget for any home addition. There are a lot of ways to save money and install a home theater system that can fits everyone’s needs and budget.

Anyone can start from scratch to build the perfect system

Taking on the project of installing a home theater can seem overwhelming to a lot of people. It is common for home owners to even forget about the project all together because they do not know where to start. Building a theater from nothing does not need to be impossible and everyone can use expert advice online to help them get started.

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Using Technology to Enhance your Exhibition Stand

Technology is obviously a main part of most businesses these days, and it’s also a huge part of marketing as it’s great for helping you to get the word out about your business, and for engaging with your customers.

Attending an exhibition fair with your business is a huge part of marketing and has countless advantages. There are lots of ways in which technology can play a part there too, in terms of enhancing your company’s stand at the fair, and making it more eye catching, interesting and efficient, as well as using high quality presentation equipment. We’ve put a list together of some of them to show you some of the things that are possible.

Exhibition stand audio-visual tools

You should think about different ways to make your exhibition stand eye catching when designing it, as this will be a huge factor in the success of it, as the more people that approach you, the more you will get out of it. So you’ll need some tools to draw them in, and to get them interested in learning more about your brand.

Digital content is a great way of showing your company’s story as they are a great alternative to people rather than having to read lots of text. They also show a high level of professionalism, too. Digital signage is a great tool at your disposal too, and there is a really fantastic article full of tips for using digital content signage here.

As well as videos and presentations, you should also think about using audio for your exhibition stands to draw people in and make your exhibition stands stand out. Just always ensure you’ve checked the rules and regulations regarding playing music at the trade show before hand, so you don’t get there to be told just to turn it off! They also can vary from venue to venue, so keep that in mind, too.

PVC Banners

Out of all the different things you need for an exhibition stand some might forget how good PVC banners could be. True, they are not the most exciting but these can have a great impact in attracting people over to your stand. These can be used over and over again and easily folded up for your next exhibition. They’re not exciting, but they’re incredibly effective.

Digital engagement tools for your exhibition stand

Enhance your audience’s experience at your exhibition stand as well as just drawing them in by using what are generally referred to as digital engagement tools. As well as looking great, your exhibition stand should be functional too, in terms of telling people your company’s story, and engaging and interacting with your audience.

There are some really great cutting edge technologies out there at the moment that can really enhance user experience at your exhibition stands, and to help yours stand out from the competition by a mile. This can include things like interactive virtual quizzes, games, surveys, animations, augmented reality tools, media centres and virtual environments.

It’s a good idea to do a lot of research about the different digital engagement tools out there and where best to buy from and invest your money, particularly if you’re aiming to keep costs as low as possible; after all, these options can be pretty pricey. However, if you shop around you can actually find some surprisingly affordable deals, especially if you shop online as these prices are almost always lower.


Cloud Computing CAN Make A Difference

Are you a business owner? Well, if you’re looking for new ways to make a difference to your business then it can prove to be quite difficult.

One way that you can positively make a difference to your business is by using cloud accounting software and we understand that it’s hard to make sound business decisions when you aren’t quite sure of the potential implications on your business.

Keeping accurate financial records is vitally important for any business and, therefore it’s vital that you have the tools to do this.

Desktop Software

If you’re currently using desktop accountancy software to do all of your bookkeeping, then you may find that it’s often difficult and takes a while to get things done. On top of this, it’s also hard to get anything done when you’re away from your work machine.

Some of the common challenges facing those who use desktop software are as follows:

  • Data Entry: Numbers need to be inputted manually which isn’t a great use of anyone’s time and often leads to human error.
  • Software Updates: Over time, this software gets outdated and requires an update, which generally goes one of two ways. Your computer either crashes or you need to buy a new version to install.
  • Data Transfer: You can’t wirelessly send big data from one device or computer to another, generally a USB stick or an email are required.

These setbacks are what, eventually, will cost you as a business owner and this is where cloud-based accounting software comes in really handy.

Cloud Based Software

Cloud based accounting software, which is available through a web-browser and in many cases, also a mobile app.

If you’re ready to make the next step and are ready to take control of your business’s accounting responsibility, cloud-based accounting software is the best way to do it. Many of the pros to this type of software are:

  • Multiple User Access: Financial data is available to anyone with login credentials. The company accountant can access the books from their home or office and play bigger role in the financial side of your business.
  • Data Entry: Cloud accounting software connects your bank account through APIs. This means that data automatically flows between the systems which takes out the need for manual entry.
  • Transferring and Protecting Data: There’s almost never a need to transfer any data. As everything is available in one single place, in the cloud, anyone with login details can access it.
  • Data Protection: In the event of computer failure, you won’t need to worry about data loss as nothing is stored locally on that machine.
  • Software Updates: These updates take place automatically in the cloud so that you don’t have to do anything and it also ensures that you have the most recent version of the software available.

The biggest benefit of having cloud accounting software, is that it enables you, and other users to generate a better understanding about your business’s financial situation. You can check balances, the status of invoices and any upcoming bills which is great to be able to keep tabs on as a business owner. However, if you’re totally against doing any of your own accounts, here’s some great reasons you should consider hiring an accountant.


Small Business’s Need to Improve Financial Security

Any small business needs to guard their own, their employees and their clients’ financial security. Particularly in the start-up stage when you are focused solely on winning new business it’s easy to lose sight of this, so consider these areas carefully to ensure your data remains secure.

Physical Security

Your data, documents and computer hardware are only as secure as the building they are housed in. You can take as many steps as you like to guard your online data but if someone can break in and steal your records or hard drives, this is an obvious gap in your security.

The first step is to do an audit of your premises to see if there are any potential high risk areas, look particularly at windows and doors but also at how secure your reception is during office hours and at your opening and locking up procedures. Extra locks on doors, shutters on windows and CCTV installation all act as great deterrents.

Document Storage

Over time you will hold a great deal of sensitive information within your business, both physical documents and data. Rather than store it on site, where it could be vulnerable to a break-in or fire, it is wiser to opt for a document storage service which will be secure.  This is for your peace of mind but also for that of your clients.

Electronic Data Security

The other key area where any business is vulnerable is with data held electronically. Security in this area needs to be approached from different angles.

Install Anti-Virus Software

The dual protection offered by a firewall and anti-virus software will help to protect you from malware and attempts to steal your financial and personal information. Malware is always evolving so keep the software current and set it so updates run automatically.

Run Backups at Least Daily

Anti-virus software however isn’t infallible so always run daily backups so you have a clean set of data. Your backups should either be stored off site, in case of fire or theft, or stored in the cloud by a provider who offers stability, reliability and encryption.

Create Complex Passwords

Your network, application, mobile devices and Wi-Fi hub should all be protected by complex passwords. Hackers have many tools at their disposal to break even quite lengthy passwords, so ensure yours are at least 20 characters long and formed of capital and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. All passwords should be changed regularly.

We have mentioned password protecting your Wi-Fi, and this is to keep both your data and your bandwidth safe. Implement a business wide policy which prevents employees accessing business data, even company email, from free Wi-Fi sources, such as in coffee shops. Free Wi-Fi will have little or no security protection.

Don’t Fall Prey to Phishing

Phishing is becoming more widespread and the emails created by fraudsters, pretending to be from large corporations and banks, are now often indistinguishable from the real thing. Never click through from any email or open an attachment which asks for personal details. Genuine companies will not ask for your information in this manner.

The landscape is forever changing when it comes to issues of financial security so you need to keep abreast of developments and carry out regular audits within your business to see if any new vulnerabilities have arisen. You should also make data security a priority in your staff training and include security policies in both your employee handbook and staff contracts.

When a company takes issues of data security seriously it sends a clear message to both staff and clients they are valued by the business and safe in their hands. This is good for employee engagement and great for the bottom line of your business.