It’s alive! The secrets to getting the most out of your phone battery

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We all use our phones for many more activities than we used to. The days when it was a simple communications device that we could use for staying in touch in an emergency are long gone. Nowadays, we call and text, of course, but we can run our lives from these pocket-sized devices.

With so many minutes-per-month and all-you-can-eat data deals, there’s no cost-restriction limiting how much time we spend on our smartphones. As well as doing all the important things in life like paying the bills and checking our emails, they’re also entertainment centres. This means we can also play and catch up with the gossip on social media.

The only thing that smartphone designers have not done a good enough job on is to design a phone that includes a long enough battery life to do all the things you want to do on a phone during a day. As a recent article on Fortune Frenzy’s blog illustrates, you often have to compromise your phone activity to ensure long enough battery life. At least with the earlier generations of mobile phones (the ones that weren’t smart), you got a decent number of hours’ charge out of them. Sometimes they’d last for days between charges!

But there are some ways that you can prolong your smartphone’s battery charge, and they’re easy enough to do. Try some of these tips and see if you can squeeze some extra time out of your phone between charges.

Change the wallpaper

If you have an Android phone, you’re likely to have an AMOLED display, where each pixel requires a bit of power to light up. So, the more black pixels you can have on your wallpaper screen, the lower the draw on the battery. Choose a wallpaper that’s dark as well as dark themes on apps to prolong the battery charge.

De-clutter your apps


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Apps will take from the battery even when you’re not using them, so take time to look through the apps that you have and identify the ones you’re not using. Apps are often multi-tasking or running behind whatever you’ve got visible on the screen on Android devices. From settings, choose Applications, then Manage Applications/ Running. Scroll down the list and tap on any you don’t use, then choose Force Stop or Stop.

On an iPhone, unused apps will slowly eat away the battery life, even though they don’t multitask in the same way that Android apps do. Push the home button to bring up the apps currently open, then hold a finger on one and they’ll all begin to jiggle. You can then tap the red ‘minus’ icon in order to completely close an app.

Switch off Wi-Fi

If you don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi, then make sure Wi-Fi settings are ‘off’. Otherwise, the phone will be using battery to locate wireless networks that you don’t need.

Keep it cool


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Most people will stow their phone in a pocket if they want to be unencumbered by bags or purses. However, by storing the phone next to your body, you’ll heat it and its Lithium-Ion battery. A hot battery will discharge energy more quickly and could affect the battery’s maximum lifespan. So, keep your phone cool when you can.

Check out the battery-saving options for your particular phone and make sure you make use of them. If all else fails, you could consider buying an external battery pack to give your phone an extra boost when it’s required.



84% of UK Fear Home Technology Development Due To Security Issues

We live in a world that is dominated by technology, whether that be the mobile smart phone that seems to never leave your hand or the latest gaming console to hit the market that you have plugged into a HD TV somewhere around the house, the fact is that there is simply no escape in the modern day.

Although it appears that society moves with the times quickly and adapts to the latest technology finding its place in your everyday life, it seems that Britain has a growing worry towards the way in which one element of technology is going, citing that they are concerned about the security of home based technological development.

Over recent years manufacturers have been hard at work trying to interlink their own products with the technology devices that we use on a daily basis, many of which would leave you with a feeling of loss should you lose them, particularly your mobile phone.

The desire to build products towards the ability to operate them from your mobile device has seen a growth of items that have been released into the public marketplace, supported by easy to download and install mobile apps that interact with the product with the sole focus of making sure that their use is easier than ever before.

As technology continues to enhance, further speculation is being shown towards what could possibly become the next mobile controlled element within the home, however the modern marketplace already presents a number of items that already take advantage of this usability format, including heating systems, lights and even the colour of the lighting within your home at any given time.

Well as much as we love to see the latest gadgets and advancements coming into reality, a survey that was conducted by a blinds company in the UK revealed that Britain may not be quite as excited about the prospect of remotely controlled homes, claiming that of 1,000 people asked in their research, 84% of those that responded revealed that they had security concerns about how safe the technology really was.

With various news items spanning back decades of news of computers and technology hacks and security breaches being made, the UK seem to be unforgiving when it comes to that risk being presented in relation to their home, saying that the chances of someone being able to control elements of their home without their permission leave them feeling uneasy and at risk.

Diving deeper into the thoughts of those that took part in the survey, Blinds2Go asked respondents about their thoughts on products that could well be just around the corner, things such as mobile controlled ovens and the chance to be able to take the task out of opening and closing their blinds by instead operating them via an application found on their phone.

According to the survey, 36% of the 1,000 people asked would not like the chance to be able to operate their oven without being in their home, while 35% said that they would not consider purchasing mobile controlled blinds as an addition to their home through fear that the technology behind them could hand control of their action to an unauthorised person.

With the era of remotely operated home tech very much alive today, companies such as  Hive have made steps towards increasing their foothold over the marketplace, bringing out a wireless home thermostat that can be controlled via an app, handing you control over the climate of your home for as little as £199.00.

With mobile phones seeming to take over the lives of many, do you agree that home tech could be taking things too far or would you like the prospect of being able to pre-heat the oven and regulate the temperature of your home before you walked through the door?


How to Start Your Own Ecommerce Business

According to the latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, 2014 marked the first time that Brits crossed the £100bn mark on online shopping. This represented a 14% increase on the previous year and e-retail now accounts for almost a quarter of the total retail market. These numbers prove ecommerce can be a lucrative venture. Here’s what you need to know about starting your own business.

Choosing Your Merchandise

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of merchandise you’re going to be dealing with. Preferably, this should be based on your own interests and expertise, but you also want a market that has proved to be successful. The popularity of buying clothes online been deemed the driving force in the increasing e-retail market, as it is particular popular amongst young adults. In a study published by the Office of National Statistics last found that 64% of 25-34 year olds are buying clothes online.

Choosing Your Platform

The Internet is now home to a wealth of different platforms for ecommerce sites to advertise on. Depending on what you’re selling, you’ll find different platforms could prove to be better places to sell. For instance, Etsy has become the go-to destination for those looking to buy vintage clothing. Traditionally, eBay has been known as the largest platform, as it deals with more categories than many of its peers. Because the fees may be higher on eBay than more niche websites, you’ll have to work out whether this trade-off balances the larger audience you’ll get to advertise to.

Choosing Your Postal Service

The advent of ecommerce has meant that a slew of independent shipping companies have sprung up over the last several years. It’s worth shopping around for the best price, especially if you’re dealing with items in bulk, as even a small saving can add up over a large number of transactions. Finally, remember to offer the option of international shipping. Buying items from different countries is becoming more common amongst consumers, opening up a massive potential customer base for your business. Of course, dealing with global shipments is inherently more risky than only supplying goods locally so make sure you choose a trusted supplier, like TNT Direct, rather than simply the cheapest option.

If you research your market and plan accordingly, your online business could quickly move from a side-project to a full-time operation. Make sure you’re keeping all of your data in check to ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible.


How You Know It Is Time to Get Rid of Your Current Mobile Phone

If we could then most of us would switch mobile phones on a regular basis. After all, who wouldn’t want a slicker and better looking phone to carry around?

The truth is that we usually have to wait until we can get a new phone but what if you listened to your instinct and get rid of your current phone when it made most sense?

When You Find a Better Deal

When you really think about it, there are times when it makes perfect financial sense to switch to a new phone. You certainly shouldn’t think that this is automatically some sort of reckless, irresponsible thing to do. If you do your homework and work out that a new model could give you more for less then it is probably time to make the change. As well as getting a better phone you might find that you get more free minutes or SMS messages in the package.

When You Need a Better One for Work 

Maybe it is just time to stop thinking of buying a new phone as being some sort of guilty pleasure. Sure, it is great fun to buy a phone but you probably also have practical reasons for using one as well. For example, if you need it to stay in touch with work colleagues or carry out some work on it then you will want a good phone that you can trust. The advances in mobile phone technology mean that a modern model will be a lot more suitable for work purposes than one from even just a few years ago.

When You Get Embarrassed By It

Let’s not beat around the bush here; if you are ashamed of your phone then it is time to change it. New models come out so often that your old one could be out of date and a bit old fashioned in no time at all. This is great news for those people for those people who like to get a swish new phone every year or so but not so great for anyone who sticks with the same model. If you have got to the stage in which you are embarrassed to take out your phone then it is probably time to get a new one. It might not be as expensive as you fear, provided that you shop around and also look at the site where I chose to sell my used mobile in order to free up some more cash for a new one.

When It Lets You Down

Finally, we can’t afford to forget that your phone is a piece of technology that has been designed to make you life easier. If it is starting to let you down in one way or another then it is no longer doing its job. A newer mobile with some of the latest enhancements might be expensive to buy but it has got to be better than owning a phone that doesn’t really do what you need it to do.



The Ways in Which Modern Technology Is Making Surveys Easier to Carry Out

You already know what a survey is but do you know what type of equipment and technology is needed to carry one out these days?  How is modern technology helping to make this an easier take to complete than ever before?

The old days of using a clipboard and a pen to record answers are long gone thankfully, with tablets now offering a smart and efficient way of gathering data on the move. This makes life nice and easy for those people who head out on the road to ask questions and find out opinions. So what are the benefits that this kind of modern technology offers?

Collate Information Offline or Online

There is a big technology issue that needs to be considered when doing a big survey that involves a lot of information. After all, the information you gather has to be collated and organised in one way or another. This is even more important when a number of people are out and about conducting the same survey at the same time or when you are off the beaten track. Some sort of software is clearly needed but what if you are away from the big cities and the presence of Wi-Fi networks? In this case, you can still conduct mobile survey with Dooblo software with no hassles. This allows you to gather the information offline if necessary, meaning that it is easy to get out to wherever the people to be surveyed are.

Check the Interviewer Location

If you have ever tried to run a team that is out in the field then you will know how difficult it can be to keep track of them all at all times. If you haven’t then just imagine 10 or 20 surveyors or interviewers wandering about with clipboards while you try and control them from the base. With that issue in mind, another modern benefit to the likes of SurveyToGo by Dooblo  is that the person in charge can track the interviewer and their current GPS location on a real-time map. This is the kind of feature that can make running a large survey a whole lot easier to do. It would appear to be especially useful when the area to be covered is large and timescales are short.

Take Pictures, Video and Sound Recordings

If we go back for a second to the original clipboard way of doing things we can see how limited it was. All you could do was ask a series of set questions and note the responses. This meant that the information that was gathered wasn’t as extensive as it might have been. On the other hand, by using a tablet with some good quality survey software it is easy to collect a richer and more valuable range of information. This is because it can be used to gather pictures, videos and sound recordings to give a fuller picture of the interviews carried out. The end result is a comprehensive survey put together using modern technology smartly.



The past 12 months in the gaming world has seen the discourse primarily based around the next generation consoles. However, there is another piece of gaming technology that has gone slightly under the radar. The NVIDIA Shield is the world’s first gaming tablet and it really could be a game-changer.


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Below we look at the Shield itself and look at how it can establish itself as a primetime player in the lucrative gaming industry.

What it is

The tablet possesses the world’s fastest mobile processor, which allows the product to have the industry’s best graphics, video, and audio. The NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile processor, which is found beneath the screen, harnesses the same NVIDIA Kepler architecture that most high-end gaming PCs come equipped with. Thanks to a custom-engineered thermal system, SHIELD tablets can possess the full power of Tegra K1. Quite frankly, the processor is a beast.

As graphics go, the SHIELD is certainly on par with PS3s and Xbox 360s, while the controller that comes with it is a nice hybrid of an Xbox and PlayStation controller. This puts to rest the argument over which is better. For those sceptical about gaming on a tablet, do not be. As showcased above, the tablet has more than enough in the tank to effortlessly host games. You are also not limited to gaming through your tablet screen. The tablet gives you access to the brand new NVIDIA GRID gaming service, which houses more than 20 PC games that are available for free.


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If you have a GeForce GTX-powered PC, you can stream games from the desktop onto your tablet via NVIDIA’s GameStream technology. You can also plug the tablet into your TV and feel the benefits of playing in console mode on the big screen.

Grid-supported games include the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum, Borderlands 2, Grid 2, and many more.

Why it is brilliant

The advantages to the NVIDIA SHIELD should already be evident. Gaming on the go has always been popular but the capabilities of the PS Vita and the latest Nintendo offering have failed to entice hardcore gamers. The reason is that the graphics and games on both are not worth writing home about. The SHIELD bridges that gap. Gamers can now play high-spec games – in terms of gameplay, graphics, and story – in high-quality surroundings.

What is more, the tablet is not just solely based on video games. Thanks to it running on Android, you are granted access to the big, bad world of mobile gaming. Most of these games have been enhanced for the SHIELD. With more than one million high-quality Android games to download to your tablet, combined with the video game collection, you should never run out of games.

But there is more to the NVIDIA SHIELD than gaming. At its core, it is a tablet and functions like one. This is its trump card. The effort involved in flipping from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to Facebook is minimal. If you are partial to a bet, then the SHIELD can also be of good use.

By being able to plug it into your television you can play HD casino games through your big screen or you can stream horse races that you have bet on, which is all the more relevant with the Cheltenham Festival coming up. Although it may be slightly niche, gambling is something that neither Xbox nor PlayStation can offer. This is another unique selling point, a selling point that many have stated they would like to feature on next generation consoles. If you are further interested in horse racing then be sure to check out walking the courses. Richard Farquhar is walking around the courses of Britain to raise money for charity and will reach each course on the day of a race.

Should Sony and Microsoft be worried?

They must be. The NVIDIA offers customers something that neither Sony nor Microsoft can offer. Will it ever be able to challenge their hegemony? It would be difficult, but if they can continue attract top-notch games to the device then they will certainly have a chance.

NVIDIA has found the middle ground between console and handheld device. If they continue in that fashion then they will surely start to establish themselves as a genuine player in the video console world. The fact that the latest editions of these consoles are capable of playing in 4K quality shows just how big the potential is for the SHIELD.


by  Andrew Currie 

However, just because it looks and sounds good does not mean people are going to buy it – Nokia N-Gage anyone? With the price being as low as it is, the tablet practically sells itself. But for it really to be first on most kids’ Christmas lists it needs to be very cleverly marketed. If they get this right then they can become a real actor in the industry.

Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer at t

Enforcing Data Recovery Measures for your Business

Efficiency in business is of the utmost importance. Identifying ways that you can complete process quickly and more effectively without seeing a huge increase in costs are truly invaluable.

By running a more efficient business you’ll be able to get more done each day, which can only have a positive effect on operations and profitability.

Due to the sophistication of today’s technology there are countless methods that enhance the efficiency and security of a business and we’ll take a closer look at them in the following paragraphs.

At the heart of efficiency and technology is enforcing data recovery measures to ensure that your business doesn’t lose time and money due to lost or corrupt files.

Data Recovery

Keeping your files backed up securely is essential to the efficiency and day-to-day running of your business. Can you imagine waking up one day to find that your system has been compromised and you have lost months or even years worth of important data? It would not be fun!

There are a number of different ways to keep your files backed up and it is always recommended that you implement more than one. Let’s say you backed up all your data to an external hard drive but the same day your computer system crashes you find the external hard drive is also corrupt. There would be no way of recovering your data.

However, if you backed up your files to an external hard drive, Dropbox and utilised the services of a secure document storage company you know that you’d be able to recover any lost data from at least one place.

If you aren’t already familiar with it, secure document storage is where you store your files external to your company with another business that specialises in document storage and cyber security. They will perform regular back ups and ensure that you can always recover the most important data to mini word docs that you scribbled a few notes on during a meeting.


The major threat to the health of your computer system and the security of your documents is a virus. Computer viruses come in many shapes and sizes and some can be potentially detrimental to your operations.

With this in mind, it is essential that you invest in a high quality anti-virus system that not only alerts you to threats, but also prevents them from ever entering your system.

If you company’s network was to be hit by a virus it could render your business useless until you have invested the £thousands that it would take to solve the problem. It’s safe to say that this wouldn’t make your operations particularly efficient.

In addition to anti-virus software, there are a number of other things that you can do to prevent certain IT problems from occurring. Take a look at this computer help tips guide for some useful advice on simple things you can do to take action against certain threats.

Consider hiring experts

If you are a growing organisation with a number of employees it can be difficult to monitor their online activities without some expert help. You don’t want to spy on them, you just want to make sure that they operate in a safe and secure manner online.

Hiring either internal or external IT support can go a long way to protecting your system. They’ll ensure that your team doesn’t run the risk of infecting your system and they’ll also put in place a number of additional security measures.

Furthermore, in the unfortunate incident that you do need to recover data for whatever reason, they’ll always be on hand to advise you on the safest and most secure way of doing so.

Technology 15

What are the Smart Homes of the Future?

To put it simply; the world’s getting smarter and so are your appliances. In just a short span of years, kids today who look at cell phones from the early 2000s often do so in wonder, with questions such a “Why are they so big?” After all, this decade has smartphones with GPS tracking and web browsers, smart cars that can practically drive themselves and even smart refrigerators that relay information regarding the contents of the fridge.

To jumpstart the process of extending smartphones to smart homes and beyond, you only need to look at the tech industry and the battles between Apple and Google. Competition drives innovation, and if you’re to see houses that audibly welcome the homeowner and even sets the climate to her preferences as soon as she walks in the door, companies heralding these changes will need to do battle in the business-sphere to bring them to reality. In fact, it’s starting to happen.

Merging Technology with Lifestyle

For the most part, anything you can think of having used in the past is capable of being seamlessly merged with modern-day living. According to Home Exterior Systems, a company that provides affordable replacement windows, the next progression of these artificially intelligent systems is the smart home, which will ultimately make for more efficient living, tailored to the preferences of the individual homeowner.

Improvements in broadband wireless, for example, will be instrumental to whoever gets the surest foothold in the smart home market. Just think about how secure your Wi-Fi network will have to be in order for you to entrust remote locking and unlocking of your doors as your car pulls onto your street or driveway. If these issues can be solved, the benefits of a truly smart home are legion.

Current Smart Home Improvements

Although there are lofty ideas for how smart homes will identify you, the drive to ascertaining individual preferences has only just begun. Applications are the key; since the controls must always be readily accessible to you. Some smartphones have just scratched the tip of the iceberg in recent years, and allow you to turn your lights on and off from miles away, as well as monitor your residence from wireless cameras scattered about the home.

An Intelligent Home Starts on the Outside

One of the main attractions of the smart homes to come is that they’ll be as aesthetically pleasing as homes of the past—both outside and in. There’s no need to envision them as futuristic, squat metallic buildings with jagged edges like in so many science fiction movies. Your smart home will be a climate-controlled, voice-activated, secure and responsive abode on the inside—but with a brick, stucco and aluminum appearance on the outside. The two are quite compatible, and reputable siding companies can give your home that modern or contemporary look.

In fact, the technology in the siding industry has also made leaps and bounds with the introduction of hardi plank sliding. This material outperforms vinyl, stone, brick, aluminum and others with the protection it offers your exterior from insects and weathering. In addition to the ability to maintain the sheen of the paint job for much longer than average, it’s also extensible to many different design styles to match your interior décor. The home of the future has the potential to be smart—both on the inside and the outside.

Technology 6

Modern Construction Technology

Construction technology has evolved exponentially over the past century. Modern technologies used in construction today make building skyscrapers easier, with the possibility to double the height of previous structures. Simple upgrades such as elevator cables help to burst past limits and set new records. The fastest elevator in use today travels 33.7 miles per hour. New cables weighing a fraction of steel cables will make even faster and further elevator travel possible, opening possibilities for taller buildings.

Recycled Materials

One important thing in construction technology is to use recycled materials. This could include using materials already on the building site or using other previously used materials like concrete, metal, glass, wood, and plastics. Recycled materials for architecture have become both sustainable and fashionable. Using materials off of the property or from the previously existing structure is something old turned new again. Even the famed Frank Lloyd Wright, years ahead of his time, would use materials off of the building site to create an organic, well-suited building incorporating the beauty of the property.

Flooring Materials

Worn down floors in an entry way can take the stunning first impression of a building completely away. It is important to go with flooring that will hold up well. Beautifully designed flooring laid out to sooth the senses and draw individuals through the entryway and into the desired area of the building makes a big difference on functionality and first impressions.

New HVAC Technologies

The new technologies with heating and air conditioning have gotten ahead of building codes. Now an entire unit can fit in a thicker spot on the wall of apartment complexes, eliminating the need to follow city codes for rooftop equipment. Older technologies had to be hidden out of sight. New units, which some consider to be just as unsightly, are not regulated by the same codes. Architects and building designers still have to take the appearance of a place into consideration while they wait for city codes to be updated.

Vibrations of A Structure

According to Kalsi Engineering, everything vibrates at different rates, and some materials react to sounds around them. This matters when creating structures that are meant to stand the test of time. If a building or parts of a building vibrate too much because of ambient noise or movement from the rotation of the earth, the building will become structurally unsound over time. There is now a camera that focuses on and records the vibration in materials. This is an important technology when creating a new structure to ensure it will be around for a long time.

Green Building Design and Construction

Green building materials are the wave of the future. Often there are tax breaks or other incentives for using green building materials. If nothing else, savings on energy and knowing one is making a difference for the environment are enough.

Getting Help When You Need It

It is important to reach out to professionals when creating a new building. New materials and technologies come out in the marketplace all the time, and for the best results one should do quite a bit of research and have the building designed and built by a reputable source. For modern technologies used in construction, choose a reputable agency such as Kalsi Engineering.

Technology 8

Intro to Small Business Information Systems

Information Systems are basically software and connectivity systems that allow businesses to use information effectively. These systems can be things like scheduling and point of sale software for places like spas and dental offices. These systems could also be inter-office networks that allow shipping companies to communicate real-time and update everyone at the same time when route changes or delivery details change. An information system could also be software that analyzes and helps small business owners to decide the most lucrative target market and target credit score for customers.

Transaction Processing Software

According to Blue Collar Software (www.bluecollarsoftware.com), transaction processing software will have input, processing and output capabilities. At the most basic level, every business uses input, processing and output. How involved the software is going to be for this system will depend on the business need. It is critical to have software to help with information processing for whatever type of business one has. Good information processing is the difference between success and failure for small businesses. If one can run reports to know exact business or project statuses at a glance, effective management becomes incredibly easy.

Relationship Management

Managing relationships with customers, employees, investors, and partners is essential to business success. According to Blue Collar Software (click here) ,these relationships do not simply evolve into a successful scenario; so good relationship management software and systems make this process easier and more likely to succeed. Customers, employees, investors, and partners want to be heard. Often it is difficult to hear what is going on without some type of information management. There are just too many voices and too much demand and priorities could be mixed up. The customers ultimately dictate how their communication will happen, but setting up a system where communication is easy and decision-makers are actually able to hear and respond is essential to business success.

Knowledge Management

Some timeshare management companies use knowledge management to categorize customers and decide if they are a viable prospect for marketing. This system works very well for these companies, helping them sort through thousands of tourists to find viable options in order to stay in business. Clothing retailers use knowledge management to decide who should receive a consumer credit card. These decisions are not made based on the same factors a bank would use to decide if one should be approved for a home loan. Different types of businesses use different facets of one’s credit for specific reasons. As a small business, information management in the form of knowledge management can help to decide what credit score certain demographics must have in order to be target customers. Additionally, there are some services available to help locate and market to those customers after they have been identified.

Management Information Systems

Management information systems are the missing link between collected raw data and good business decisions. Management information systems are all about the reports. Anyone who has successfully managed more than just himself or herself knows the importance of accurate reporting. Being able to check reports daily will give a small business an edge on the market by allowing the small business owner to turn the steering wheel on a marketing program, potential new product, or any other upcoming or in-process business plan and react reflexively with the market to help ride the wave of success.